Capital gain
Price per container in South America
Price per container in China


  • STEP 1 - Buy containers in South America

    We help you to buy previously owned containers in Brazil at $2,000.

  • STEP 2 - We lease your containers to our client network

    The renters of your containers pay the transportation costs to China. Thus you don’t have to pay any additional costs for the delivery.

  • STEP 3 - The containers arrive in China and we sell them for you

    And we have access to the best exclusive deals on the market. We sell these containers for you and get a commission of 5% of the profit.

  • STEP 4 - Take your profit

    The ultimate outcome is you take a substantial profit. The price in South America is $2000 and in China is over 3000$. Most of our clients, when they have taken their profit, then trade containers regularly.

The purpose of trading containers is to buy low and sell high. Short, simple and safe trade. It is simple. Anyone can do it.

General Director of Davenport Laroche

  1. You purchase a container for $2000 circa.
  2. You sell it in China for $3000 circa.
  3. You make a profit.

It’s common knowledge that prices are determined by supply and demand. In developing countries many containers remain idle, because demand is low and as a result the prices as well.

Our network in South America enables us to move these containers to China where demand is much higher and therefore the price for your container is much higher. When they reach the destination we sell them and make you a substantial capital gain of the difference.

Many clients ask what Davenport Laroche gets from the deal? Well, our commission for these trades is only 5% of the profit (and we also get a commission from the buyers in China), Many of these buyers then lease us those containers and we expand our fleet and our market share. We strive to provide professional service while growing our business.

Trading is a very profitable business providing many opportunities with a decent return on investment and predictable investment security.

Buying and selling containers is quite simple. You don’t need Davenport Laroche to buy a container in South America. You don’t need us to send it to China. But you do need us to send it to China at no cost to you. Because we eliminate the transportation costs by leasing your containers through our network.


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