David Anderson, United Arab Emirates

One of my friends told me about Davenport Laroche.

I owned 9 containers from a construction business I used to own that were sitting in a field. Davenport Laroche had them inspected, cleaned and delivered to one of their clients.

A month later, I started getting income and my containers are my second best investment. Since then I bought another 30 through Davenport Laroche.

I got paid every month and on time. Then I sold them and got my money back. It works very well.

Michael Frost, United Kingdom

I used to have 92 containers with Davenport. Recently I sold 20 back to them and got paid as per the contract.

Now I have 70 containers with Davenport Laroche. I like their customer service. They told me when to buy and where to lease. I did well financially.

They then told me that my leasing contract would end 3 months later and advised me to trade my containers for others in a different location and I did this and I am making an even higher return.

I am happy.

Francois Martel, Switzerland

I found Davenport’s offer online while searching for a way to make some money as additional income.

I started with 4 containers in order to get a monthly payment and went for the high income plan.

I don’t regret this decision. I am getting paid on time every month, my return on investment is more than satisfactory on the long run despite a few bumps down the road (as in any demand and location based business). The staff of Davenport has always been very helpful and provided me with solutions every time I needed them.

I would recommend this to my friends.

Claude Laurent, Canada

I have been introduced to the trading business of containers by one of my friends whom bought and sold a few containers last year.

I did not have a huge amount of money to invest and was looking for a way to grow my capital without gambling everything on the stock market like I did in the past.

I bought 10 containers thanks to Davenport and 6 have been sold in the last 5 months for a pretty good profit.

I receive regular updates on the whereabouts of my remaining containers from the Davenport team so I can say I am happy with this and I’m grateful to my friend for the recommendation.

Jack C., Australia


I have been with Davenport for 3 years now and quite satisfied with their services and investment solutions. I started with 1 container because of my cautiousness about the money.

I did some research, grilled the salesperson I was in touch with questions and got confident enough to take 1 40ft container. Checking out my income and returns for 6 months and receiving a few calls from Davenport, I followed up my account. I would say I was quite happy to see that they were taking care of me even if I was a very small player.

By now I have 26 containers and always get paid on time. The returns are pretty good, especially if I compare to the rates of saving accounts in my country.

I would recommend Davenport as a good opportunity to make good money with no hassle and low risk.

Emilio Kalmera, The Caribbean

Financial Advisor, Owner of Passion II, passionii.com

The first time I heard of Davenport was when I was on the Nasdaq website looking up some stocks info on August 20, 2016 and came across the Davenport advertisement. Later on I contacted Davenport to get more info and they sent me a lot of documents to review. The first thing that I wanted to understand is their business model and why they could not just buy the containers themselves.

I also did some research on the container industry itself, looked at the fact that some countries are using them to make homes, office spaces, etc. So there is demand for them in the aftermarket as well. I also spent a lot of time trying to find reviews about Davenport (due diligence). I found a lot of negative reviews of their competitor called Pacific Tycoon but I just could not find any bad reviews at that time for Davenport and I tried really hard to find something.

I also know about the China’s Belt and Road Initiative which might see the use of containers go up as construction materials are needed. Then I foresee in the long-term future demand between the countries for shipping of goods due to this One Belt initiative.

Also, with natural disasters (due to climate change) becoming more normal, shipping of supplies to ravaged countries will also increase. Therefore I foresee the use of containers increasing. Davenport’s regular newsletters also give insight into the industry dynamics.

Although I was comfortable with what I read and also the phone dialogues I had with the various contact persons in Davenport including someone from legal about a few issues that I wanted clarity on, I initially only started off with one (1) brand new 40 ft container which went into service on September 5, 2016 just to see how that would go. In mid-March 2017 I purchased three (3) used containers to add to my new one giving me a total of four (4) which qualifies for the monthly income.

I chose the High Yield leasing option. Due to the monthly passive income I am getting, I will definitely be buying more containers in the future.