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  • Security

  • Income

Shipping container leasing is similar to the process of renting an apartment. You rent it out and receive the rent every month deposited into your bank account. The only difference is: you don’t rent it to a family or a student; you rent your shipping containers out to the world’s leading companies, and these rents generate 20-24% annual returns.

There are two profitable options and the rate of return depends on the option you choose. Based on your circumstances, we can recommend a plan to assist you in making the right choice.


You will receive the full Deed of Sale documentation in your name, as the legal and rightful owner of all containers purchased.

Every container is trackable and fully insured on land & sea. All repair or replacement costs will be covered by the company leasing them.

All containers are built to full ISO-standards. As hard assets, containers do not fluctuate in value like financial assets. They will not lose their value entirely as they hold material and functional value.

The lease agreement and buyback guarantee are written into a binding contract.


With both Conservative Lease and Higher Income Lease, after 5 years of leasing your container to us, we guarantee to purchase it from you at the original price you paid. With this guarantee, you are assured of taking out exactly what you put in, giving you complete preservation of capital.

You can also sell your assets before the 5th anniversary of your contract at market price.


Your return on investment is dependent on the leasing plan you choose.

Conservative Leasing Strategy:

This is a reliable and fixed return of 12% each year. This rate is fixed, so you can be assured of the same income every month.

Return On Investment:

For GBP 3,200 of initial capital investment, you would receive GBP 384 every year.

Higher Income Leasing Strategy:

The variable strategy is not fixed but it has always yielded significantly higher returns than the Conservative Lease. Based on short-term leases, securing higher rental rates, your income varies depending on demand.

Typically outperforming the fixed strategy, the Higher Income Leasing Strategy has achieved very high returns in recent years, as shown in the chart which shows the returns from both strategies.

With both leases, if you have 5 containers, you will receive your income every month. If you have less than 5, you will receive your income quarterly.


Davenport Laroche has an excellent track record maximizing profits for our investors by renting containers to the world’s biggest companies.




The entry level is equal to the cost of three 40’ container which is £9600.

20’ standard container costs £1920 GBP and 40′ standard costs £3200.

The risk is low. 90% of everything worldwide is moved in a container. As there is no alternative to the container, they are always in demand and generate passive income for the owners day and night. Containers are have a 60 year track record and are insured which means your investment is insured.

The average life is 20 years. But your investment capital is 100% preserved/ protected because we guarantee to buy them back from you at the cost price (the price you paid) if you lease them to us for 5 years.

As per Article 5 of the leasing contract you are free to exit the business at any time. We will then arrange a buy-back of the containers:

  • At market price, if you sell before 5 years of lease with us.
  • At purchase price, after a minimum of 5 years of lease.

Containers are always insured and Davenport Laroche makes sure that the insurance policy covers damages and loss of the container/s.

Davenport Laroche always tracks the containers as part of the deployment plan. If you wish to know the location of your containers, please feel free to contact us.

No. The day you sign the contract with Davenport Laroche you transfer the responsibility for the container and its content to us and the end-user.

Yes, we can amend the contract to avoid the container to be shipped with certain goods, i.e. alcohol.

A container is a hard asset like your apartment or your car. You own it, it is insured against loss and damages, and you can sell it back at the price you paid for it after 5 years.

Furthermore, containers are the only investment which generates monthly income in cash.

The sale process is very simple. You inform us you wish to terminate the lease and when the containers come off hire, your capital is transferred back to you within a maximum of 14 days.

Containers deliver a monthly income in cash, not paper profits every month. Most investments do not deliver cash payments every month.

More and more investors are moving into investing in containers and other investment products are losing market shares to containers.

In an effort to compete, they write negative comments about the container industry called “Fake News”. These negative comments are all anonymous and nobody is claiming they have lost money.