Davenport Laroche is Participating in Aley Expo 2017 Lebanon

July 5, 2017 Investments

Davenport Laroche is preparing to introduce container investments to visitors at the Aley Expo 2017 in Lebanon from 27 July to 30 July 2017.

The aim of the exposition is to unite different brands and companies and provide them with an opportunity to advertise and display their products.

aley expo 2017 specialties


Aley Expo 2017 is a place where private companies can meet potential customers in an environment that supports business transactions and promotes successful trade.


Aley Expo 2017 will be a great place for both companies and clients to meet in a very professional atmosphere. This will give local industries an opportunity to market their products, and to meet up with national companies that might provide innovative solutions to improve their product.


Aley Expo 2017 is an exhibition where travel and tourism companies and agencies can meet with potential clients in a city known for its great touristic features.


Not only will there be 150 stands of industrial, commercial, and tourism companies, the Expo will also display many entertaining shows and events. Our representative, Rabii Bou Shahin, will be at the exhibition to meet.

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